The Politics, Pasta and Pink Slips for Democrats Gala with Ann Coulter in Raleigh, NC (9 Pics)

by John Hawkins | September 17, 2012 12:18 am

Yesterday, the Wake County Republican Women’s Club put on “The Politics, Pasta and Pink Slips for Democrats GALA with ANN COULTER.” The event was held in Raleigh, my buddy Zan Bunn had a VIP table, and she invited me to attend. Since I love me some Ann Coulter[1] and know she always puts on a good show, I took Zan up on her offer and skedaddled to Raleigh for the event.

Happily, Zan’s VIP tickets turned out to be even more impressive than expected. For one thing, Ann spent an hour hobnobbing with the VIPs in a private reception before the event got started.

Ann actually gave me a big hug hello which is one more thing I can scratch off my bucket list.


She also signed just about anything people put in front of her. I came prepared.


To John, Best, Ann Coulter

Incidentally, Ann Coulter is one the sweetest, friendliest people you’ll ever have the privilege to be around. She patiently took pictures and warmly chatted with anyone and everyone who walked up to her.


What a sweet woman she is….well, if you’re not a liberal.

After the reception wound down, the Republican Women’s Club had an auction and served up dinner before Ann spoke. I took the opportunity to get a picture with Zan Bunn…


Congresswoman Renee Ellmers[6] was also in the house and I hadn’t seen her since I supported her campaign when she was running an uphill race against incumbent Bob Etheridge in a Democrat leaning district. So, I ran her down for a picture, too.


Ann did what Ann does when she gives a speech. She’s funny, tells a lot of jokes, adds in a few bits of incisive thought and is absolutely brutal on liberals. It’s like her columns, but with more of a comedic feel to it.

I actually gathered up 2 1/2 pages of quotes, which I then promptly left at our front row VIP table. So, you’re missing out on a lot of great one liners. But, there were a few things Ann said that stuck with me.

* You don’t hear people say, “Oh, those poor people! They went broke paying for birth control!”

* She also noted that she didn’t think Sandra Fluke needed any birth control beyond her haircut.


* She said she has concluded that Mitt Romney was even better qualified to take on Obama than Chris Christie. In addition, she also said that after she publicly admitted she was underwhelmed by his convention speech, Christie wanted her to call him to talk about it.

* Believe it or not — probably not — Coulter made a comment about being on the Atkins diet and although I could be 100% wrong, I think she was serious.


* She said MSNBC doesn’t have her, but she’d love to go on just so she could say, “I don’t see John Edwards. What ever happened to that guy? He used to be on here all the time.”


After her speech, Ann sat down at a table on the stage and a line formed to get Ann to sign autographs and previous versions of her book. Had this event happened a week later, she could have been signing her soon to be released new book, Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama[11].


All in all, this was a PHENOMENAL event and I had a really great time. Much thanks to the Wake County Republican Women’s Club for putting the gala on and Zan Bunn for being kind enough to invite me.

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