Dana Loesch Tells CPAC About Her Grandfather Protecting Her Family With A Gun [VIDEO]

Dana Loesch Tells CPAC About Her Grandfather Protecting Her Family With A Gun [VIDEO]

The Blaze’s Dana Loesch took the CPAC stage on Thursday to share a personal story that drives her desire to protect the Second Amendment.

There is nothing liberals love more than using personal stories in an attempt to take away our firearms and limit our God-given right to self-defense. Dana took a few minutes to counter their anecdotes with one of her own and it left the room silent.


She called the NRA (National Rifle Association) the “original natural and civil rights group” and told the audience just why we need to maintain our right to bear arms.

When I was a kid I was staying with my grandparents. Myself and my little cousin were in my grandparents’ bed and it was a late summer evening, window was open, breeze was blowing through and I was just about to sleep. I heard the evening news on. They were wrapping up their broadcast. And then I heard, from out in the woods, this wailing. It was this inhuman wailing. And at first it didn’t register with me. I kept thinking, ‘Maybe I’m having a bad dream.’ And it got closer and closer to the house.

Now, down in the south, down in the Ozarks, my grandparents never locked their doors. And they also don’t put their guns up in these big giant locked rooms. They keep them in wood cabinets with etched glass in the front, like a china cabinet, but you know, for guns. And this noise got closer and closer. And finally I heard the punching of feet in my grandparent’s gravel driveway. It was my aunt, who had been beaten within an inch of her life, who was running away in the woods, barefoot and bloodied, with broken teeth because her felon of an SOB ex found her, beat her and told her he was going to kill her. And this prohibitive possessor went for his criminally possessed firearm.

And she ran to my grandparents house, the only place she knew she’d be protected. And with that, my grandpa – and I was terrified at that time – he went to the bedroom – this NRA member, World War II Navy vet – went to the bedroom, grabbed his shotgun, went and sat on the front porch, cocked it and started swinging. And that made me feel safe. And I went back to sleep.

Now, when you call the law where my family is, on average, a 911 call has a 20 minute response time, even longer down there. It was about 35 minutes later that the law finally did come. And has it turns out, that abusive ex-con did actually come drive to my grandparents’ house, turned off his life, but when he saw the silhouette of that old vet sitting on the porch with a gun, he thought better of it.

You can watch her full speech below:

For every sob story the left finds to attempt to tug your heartstrings in the direction of gun control, there is an equally powerful story demonstrating exactly why we need to be able to protect ourselves from the evil in the world.

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