They Found Scientific PROOF Why Conservatives Are Better Looking Than Liberals

They Found Scientific PROOF Why Conservatives Are Better Looking Than Liberals

You fancy yourself a conservative, right? Of course you do and why wouldn’t you be? Don’t you know that right-wing people are actually better looking than liberals? No, that’s not just a claim…anymore. It’s actually scientifically proven, so there. Much like the left and their global warming argument of a consensus, now conservatives have one of their own…and it’s actually backed up by REAL science.

Well, that’s kind of the outcome of the report, at least. It shows that being physically attractive is not only a determining factor for things like a person’s salary, popularity and grades in school, but also their political inclinations.

According to a piece posted in the Journal of Public Economics, it concludes that the beauty of a political candidate does, in fact, fit with their politics. Right-wing politicians are found to be better looking in Europe, Australia and the United States.

I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not causation – good looking people don’t automatically become conservative (wouldn’t that be something), but there is a connection.

So, how is it that being a conservative will also make you smarter too? There’s different science on that, but clever people tend to say they’re more liberal than they really are and I’m willing to bet that it all has to do with peer pressure…or weak willed people. Same thing.

This peculiar study reveals that better-looking people are often treated better than your average ordinary-looking folks. As such, they tend to see the world as a more equal and balanced place. Ugly people, on the other hand, get the – no pun intend – ugly end of the stick and feel as if life is unfair.


So good-looking people, seeing that life is already a pretty sweet and a “fair” place for them, will tend to lower their taste of “egalitarianism” and gain more social spending to offset the inequity.

“In their first experiment, the researchers showed respondents photographs of political candidates in Finnish municipal and parliamentary elections, members of the European Parliament, U.S. candidates for Senate and governor, and candidates for Australia’s House of Representatives. They asked participants to rate the photographs on a five-point scale. The results suggested that politicians on the right are more beautiful on all three continents.

In a separate experiment, the researchers analyzed elections in Finland. They say these elections are easier to study because most races feature multiple candidates competing for office — in contrast to races in the United States, which typically have just two major candidates.”

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