I’ll Be At Right Nation 2010 in Chicago, Illinois… Will YOU?

THE event of the Midwest is fast upon us, Sept. 18, this Saturday!

So what the heck IS this Right Nation 2010 thing, anyway? The website tells us that the event will be a gathering of thousands of conservatives who will, “come together to celebrate their shared lineage and common purpose. They’ll be joined by popular political, media, and entertainment personalities all assembled to advance the RIGHT principles and the RIGHT people in order to reclaim the Midwest and forever change its political landscape.”

Right Nation will offer great speeches by famous conservatives such as Glenn Beck, Dick Armey, Wall Street Journal Writer John Fund, and many others. Participants will also have a day-long conference where they can attend all sorts of informative sessions such as “Building Your Local Organization,” Get Out The Vote Programs, and many others.

But it is more than that. Right Nation is one of a slew of new events of similar nature on the conservative side that have been going on since about 2006. Such events have grown in number over the last two years in particular due to the popularity of Tea Party activism. It’s about time, too, as the left has been doing these sort of things for 50 years!

These events serve several very important purposes. They offer classroom styled sessions that help inform people on how to increase their activism and effectiveness, certainly. But more importantly they offer a place for those of like mind to get together for fellowship of a sorts.

There is no mistake why churches are successful in your community, They serve as a place where your friends, neighbors and fellow believers can congregate to reinforce their own individual faith. That is what these conferences do for those interested in politics.

The left has been very successful at inculcating a sense of community in its adherents, its about time the right began to do so, as well. A sense of fellowship, of community should NOT be dismissed as unimportant even in politics. Getting together with thousands of folks that believe as you do is an incredibly reaffirming exercise.

I say this to encourage you all to come out to Right Nation 2010.

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