James O’Keefe OUTS Leftists And Their Potential “TERRORIST” Plans For Inauguration Day! [VIDEO]

James O’Keefe OUTS Leftists And Their Potential “TERRORIST” Plans For Inauguration Day! [VIDEO]

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James O’Keefe is known for his work with Project Veritas. He and his team have worked to uncover information regarding the left side political spectrum. He led a large force against the corruption of the Hillary Clinton campaign. And he has not stopped searching for more information. Most recently his team has found groups of individuals set on preventing the inauguration of Donald Trump. Many are outraged by these men’s plans. But is it terrorism that they are plotting?

You can check out the video here:

Do they seem like a real threat or just some creepy men in a restaurant who are bitter that Donald Trump won the election? Either way we are lucky people like them are being apprehended before they can do any real damage.

Young Conservatives summarized the video saying:

The DC Anti-Fascist Coaltion is trying to shut down events at the inauguration.

They set up a meeting at the infamous Comet Pizza, the subject of the Pizzagate controversy.

They talked specifically about targeting the Deploraball being held at the National Press Club on January 19th.

They discussed plans to set off butyric acid bombs (a stink bomb) into the HVAC system to stop the Ball to drive people out into the street and the cold.

Inhalation of butyric acid can also cause burning in the throat, coughing and labored breathing.

Luke Kuhn of the Anti-Facist Coalition also says this in the video:


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