Tribute to Andrew Breitbart at #BlogConCLT

by Sunshine State Sarah | April 20, 2012 3:26 pm

I’m at BlogCon in Charlotte, North Carolina, and we just had a special screening of the new Stephen Bannon film,: Occupy Unmasked[1], which features a lot of footage of: Andrew Breitbart[2].

After the film, Jim Jamitis (@anthropocon[3]: on Twitter) presented Dana Loesch, Brandon Darby, Larry O’Connor, and John Nolte with a painting he created as a tribute to Andrew for the Breitbart offices.

What a perfect way to honor the man…with his own words:

Andrew Breitbart Typographical Tribute[4]

My favorite is a quote at the top left: “I want my legacy to be that they know that they screwed with the wrong guy.”

Mission accomplished, Andrew.

You can find more of Jim’s work at: Forge Five Visual Solutions[5].

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