VIDEO: Conservative HUMILIATES Clueless Anti-Trump Protesters at #MarchForTruth in Los Angeles

VIDEO: Conservative HUMILIATES Clueless Anti-Trump Protesters at #MarchForTruth in Los Angeles

People are stupid. No, let me get specific. Leftist protesters are stupid and through every fault of their own. Why you might ask? Can we start with the zero-fact game they play when being interviewed about WHY they are protesting their particular grievances of the day?

The left likes to throw allegations at President Trump, and it’s a non stop occurrence, day in, day out. I hear claims like hes thrown in with Putin, he’s going to take away gay rights, and of course my favorite so far, the claim that the guy is breaking the constitution and taking away the freedoms of the people…

WRONG. It’s so wrong that there’s a whole video on why they are wrong. A whole video completely dedicated to proving that an ignorant protester who tries to sound informed and enlightened…is still an idiot:

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I especially had to laugh at the Mike Pence slam! Have you ever seen a more docile and calm man than Vice-President Mike Pence? I don’t think so…but I digress. The real comedy here, is that you know these sheep are just bawling away the same talking points that their overlords on MSNBC and CNN love to discuss. Yet when challenged to explain any reason why they believe these things they are so willing to protest…you get sucked down a rabbit hole of dumb.

This is all we need to keep the lies going: gullible people who would rather hang with the bigger crowd and not do any homework on their own to educate themselves on what the facts are. It sucks, it really does.

Well, what else can I say than just enjoy your country while it lasts, because if things keep cranking up like this, I don’t think we are going to have any room in society for actual facts.

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