Is Mitt Romney A Unicorn?

by William Teach | May 30, 2012 8:09 am

Perhaps it’s time to give up the Birtherism folks, and focus simply on voting Barack H. Obama out of office. No one can provide proof that Obama was, in fact, born outside of the US and is ineligible to be POTUS as a natural born citizen. Of course, let’s not forget that the Democratic Underground[1] tried this back in February 2008, with the NY Times following suit[2] two weeks later, and then again[3] in July of 2008. And, Birtherism was started by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Interestingly, Lefties have come up with an interesting way to compete against this

(Washington Post[4]) The time has come for Mitt Romney to prove it once and for all: Is he or is he not a unicorn?

Let me stipulate that I have no proof that Romney is a unicorn[5], and indeed I want to believe that he is not. But I have not seen proof of this because he has not released the original copy of his long-form birth certificate.

Actually, Mitt did release his BC[6], Dana Milbank. But, Dana wrote posted this on the 29th, so, we’ll give him a pass. With Obama, it took forever to release his, which is why so many folks were wondering just what in the heck was on it. Perhaps Obama thought he would distract folks on the Right. Alas, we are capable of paying attention to more than one thing.

There are many others who feel as I do – 18,000 people to be precise. I first began to consider the possibility that Romney might be a unicorn when I heard that LeftAction, an online petition operation created by Democratic PR guy John Hlinko, was campaigning to get the Arizona secretary of state to certify that the presumptive Republican nominee is not a mythical beast before allowing his name to be on the presidential ballot.

“There has never been a conclusive DNA test proving that Mitt Romney is not a unicorn,” the group wrote last week. “And if Mitt Romney is or may be a unicorn, he is not Constitutionally qualified to be president.”

The mittromneyisaunicorn:­.com[7] campaign came about because Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett[8], citing allegations that the birth certificate President Obama released is a fraud, threatened to take the incumbent off the ballot.

Cute. And funny. As for Romney, he needs to either to Donald Trump to STFU or GTFO when it comes to Birtherism. The Donald is not helping[9]. Of course, let’s not forget that a good chunk of Obama’s base are 9/11 Truthers, a far more serious and deranged conspiracy theory, one which blames Bush, the US government, and sometimes the Israeli’s for killing 3,000 of our friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

So, please, Birthers, stop it. It was fun to “just wonder” why Obama wouldn’t release the BC (versus the Certificate of Live Birth), much like the media was always “just wondering” about Republicans (such as when they were “just wondering” whether John McCain had an affair). The time has ended. Move on. If you don’t have rock solid proof, you won’t find it. He was born in Hawaii to an American born mother. That’s all that is needed to be considered a natural born citizen. Find something else to focus on, like why Obama is turning America into the same type of Marxist state as we see in Greece.

BTW, what do these people have against unicorns? As long as the unicorn is natural born and of at least 35 years of age, the unicorn would be eligible. Nothing in the Constitution says the president can’t be a unicorn.

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