Clueless college kids can’t name any freedoms in First Amendment

Clueless college kids can’t name any freedoms in First Amendment

I don’t know what happened to college, but this generation of students are especially stupid. A group has surveyed students and reports that most college students can’t name a single freedom listed in the First Amendment that we live by every day. This is frightening and I hope the students surveyed are art students.

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“[Students] cannot identify the term lengths of members of Congress, the substance of the First Amendment, or the origin of the separation of powers,” says the report by the ACTA.

Perhaps the most shocking: One third of college students couldn’t name a single First Amendment right and 43 percent couldn’t name the Freedom of Speech as one of those rights, CampusReform is reporting.

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The report – called “abysmal” by the authors, found only 20 percent identified James Madison as the Father of our Constitution, 40 percent didn’t realize Congress was the body authorized to declare war and almost ten percent thought Judge Judy was on the Supreme Court.

Universities’ failure to teach a proper civics education is to blame.

I disagree. This is not the fault of the university, yet the fault of high schools. This is information that we should begin learning in seventh grade social studies classes while we’re running for middle school student council. I would also like to blame millennial liberals for possibly contributing to the majority of the college stupidity we’re forced to witness in 2016.

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