Crazy Lib Professor Dismisses First Amendment – Threatens Journalist With THIS [VIDEO]

Crazy Lib Professor Dismisses First Amendment – Threatens Journalist With THIS [VIDEO]

Gee, I’ve seen this show before. A Washington Examiner writer was trying to video an encounter outside Milo Yiannopoulos’ speech and then post it to Twitter and YouTube. She was filming the protest when a woman got in her face and threatened her because she was supposedly violating the protesters’ safe space. Give me a freaking break. “Are you kidding me?” the woman was seen asking on the clip before she asked to see one person’s cellphone. When her request was denied, the woman began walking away and said she was calling the police. Shades of Melissa Click at the University of Missouri. How very fascist.


From TheBlaze:

A journalist reported that a member of the American University media relations team attempted to stop her film crew from taking video of a student protest outside a conservative writer’s speech Thursday evening.

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Washington Examiner commentary writer Ashe Schow posted video of the encounter outside Milo Yiannopoulos’ speech on Twitter and YouTube.

“We were filming a protest and she was demanding we stop and go inside with her,” Schow tweeted.


The woman added that “there are certain regulations that the university is guided by. We’re not just providing a room, we’re providing also a safe space for everybody who works or studies on this campus.” Schow then tweeted that when police arrived they did nothing to her or her film crew — but instead escorted the woman away. Wonder if they recommended she get ‘professional’ help? Camille Lepre, assistant vice president of University Communications at American University, on Friday told TheBlaze in a statement that “Ashe Schow and her three colleagues with professional audio-visual equipment presented herself as a reporter from The Washington Examiner and provided her business card. She was allowed to film the protest happening outside the event, prior to the speech.” Lepre added that when “AU’s media representative was required inside the venue to assist other reporters who were present at the event, she asked Schow to go inside per the ground rules. Schow declined and later claimed that she was not with The Examiner. Based on this and her reluctance to come inside with the media relations representative, we sought to involve the Campus Police. An assessment was made and, since the protest continued outside, the reporter was permitted to remain and film the protest until it was over.” What utter bull crap.

Schow on Friday told TheBlaze she never said she was with the Examiner; rather that she was with a freelance film crew gathering footage for an upcoming documentary about campus free speech titled “Thought Police.” “I was not there in my capacity as an employee of the Examiner and we told her as much,” Schow added. “It didn’t matter. Even if I was there as a representative of the Examiner her actions were uncalled for. She wouldn’t give us a stable reason why we had to stop filming and go with her inside. Her answer kept changing. We were also the only people filming being treated this way. She said the others filming were students, but she never checked their IDs and didn’t speak to everyone filming.” I’m going with the writer on this one. Another Marxist university… so not surprised.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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