Obama Administration Hands Out Fliers Advertising Amnesty To Illegal Aliens

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | January 11, 2015 9:06 pm

Obama sidesteps the Constitution and Congress[1] to implement Amnesty for illegal aliens and gets away with it. He’s avoiding impeachment because he issued a ‘memo’ not an ‘order.’ Clever lawyer. What do you want to bet the Republicans help him fully put this violation of sovereignty and a silent coup into force? Obama is blatantly advertising his flaunting of our laws with these fliers and recruiting illegal aliens as a voting block to solidify the Progressive/Marxist choke hold on America – permanently. These fliers are a brash flip-off to all Americans and especially immigrants who came here the lawful way. That’s right – our Marxist-in-Chief is giving us the bird.

From the Daily Caller:

The Obama administration’s Department of Homeland Security is now advertising its immigration executive orders with a series of fliers[2].

“[United States Citizenship and Immigration Services] encourages stakeholders to use these fliers when communicating with the public about these actions,” according to an email that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is circulating around Capitol Hill. “The fliers are available in English, Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese. A Chinese version will be available soon.”

“President Obama has announced a series of executive actions on immigration,” the fliers proudly proclaim.

The fliers urge immigrants to avoid scams and lay out the guidelines for illegals to apply for amnesty through Obama’s executive orders.

“While USCIS is not accepting requests for expanded DACA or DAPA at this time, you can gather documents that establish factors such as your:
• Identity;
• Relationship to a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident; and
• Continuous residence in the United States over the last five years or more.

And insult to injury, you and I are paying for this. Obama is doing all he can to be helpful to those who can be helpful politically right back. It’s a huge voting block for the Progressives on the Left and cheap, slave labor for the Progressives on the Right. It’s a win-win unless you are an actual American, in which case it is a lose-lose. Over 75% of America is against this… but it doesn’t matter. The elites and Marxists are for it and they are gleefully shoving it down our throats. American Amnesty has arrived and the invasion is almost complete.

ExecActionFlier en Full

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