Watch Tucker Carlson DESTROY Anti-Gun Loon Over Assault Weapons [VIDEO]

Watch Tucker Carlson DESTROY Anti-Gun Loon Over Assault Weapons [VIDEO]

It’s always fun to watch conservatives take down anti-gun liberals/progressives. Something about seeing the complete obliteration of someone who wants to take your inherent rights away is satisfying on a primal level

Tucker Carlson is the greatest at doing this because he doesn’t let his guests walk all over him and when they make a point he can argue against (which is most of the time), then he won’t be courteous about it.

Exhibit A…


Carlson was discussing the overwhelming amount of murders that occurred in Chicago in 2017 and how gun control laws have perhaps aided in pushing the number of gun-related homicides through the roof.

He brought on a voice from the opposition to his show to debate the gun control laws in place and what could be done to drive these numbers down. Joshua Horowitz is from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and has some… factually dishonest talking points that he wanted to share on national television. Unfortunately for him, Carlson did his homework before starting the show. As a result, Horowitz had his head handed to him on a silver platter.

Watch the glorious video below:

TUCKER CARLSON: Of the 762 murders that were committed in Chicago, how many were committed with assault rifles?

JOSHUA HOROWITZ: Well, I don’t know if that’s actually from my website–”

CARLSON: It is actually, I have it right here.

HOROWITZ: Let me explain to you about assault weapons. Assault weapons make killing more lethal…

You heard it here, ladies and gentlemen, getting shot with an “assault weapon” makes you more dead than being killed any other way! How can anyone argue with such logic?

CARLSON: OK, so Chicago, there’s 762 murders last year. How many were committed with so-called assault weapons? You run a gun control website. What’s the answer?

HOROWITZ: I don’t know.

Hold on, you come onto a show to discuss firearm-related deaths, but you don’t know the statistics? And then you try to argue against “assault weapons,” but you don’t actually know if or when they were used in the aforementioned deaths?

Anti-gunners give me heartburn.

The FACT is that regardless of the style of weapon, magazine capacity, color, make, model, number of buttons, brand of optic etc., being killed with a firearm is no more or less deadly than being killed by anything else. Taking firearms away from law-abiding citizens is also a terrible way to keep people safe and results (always) in criminals being able to outgun innocent citizens. You would think someone who claims to be “enlightened” and educated would know this.

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