Al Sharpton’s daughter sues NYC for 5 mil over ankle injury, but look what she’s done on her ankle

Al Sharpton’s daughter sues NYC for 5 mil over ankle injury, but look what she’s done on her ankle

Like father like daughter. Just sayin’. On the day that Al Sharpton is due here in Tulsa to try and gin up riots, I read that his daughter has run into a snag on her $5 million lawsuit against New York City. You see, once upon a time, two years ago, Dominique Sharpton decided to cross the street in the Big Apple. She claims she stepped into a pothole and heard a loud snap. And so commenced Sharpton Jr’s lawfare.

There seems to be a number of problems with Dominique’s lawsuit and her attempt at becoming an instant millionaire. First off, when she went to the emergency room, nothing was broken. Drat! But she sued anyway citing physical therapy and emotional distress. She had to exist in a therapeutic boot and have ligament surgery… allegedly. But of course, that’s not the end of the story by a long shot.


From the Independent Review Journal:

Nearly two years ago, on October 2nd, 2014, Sharpton said that she suffered an injury while crossing the street in New York City. She says that she stepped into a pothole in the street at the intersection of Broome St. and Broadway, at which point she heard “a snap.”

Soon afterward, Sharpton pursued a lawsuit against the city, citing continued pain and suffering. Her medical records showed a visit to the emergency room (nothing was broken), physical therapy, some time in a therapeutic boot, and ligament surgery.

But as the details of her $5 million lawsuit came out, people began to notice that she wasn’t exactly behaving like someone who was in constant pain:

  • Just hours after the accident, she attended a two-hour gospel concert in celebration of her father’s 60th birthday.
  • She was seen dancing in heels.
  • She traveled constantly to visit her fiance in Miami (more than 10 trips in one year).
  • Instagram photos showed her hiking in Bali.

Sharpton was dancing at her father’s 60th birthday celebration just hours after her horrific accident… in high heels. She’s made constant trips to Miami to be with her love interest and best of all… she went hiking in Bali. A judge has now ordered she cannot delete the photos that she stupidly posted to Instagram. Double drat!! It’s getting harder and harder for a budding shyster to make a living these days.

Dominique claimed that she could only wear heels for a very short period of time. On her hike in Bali, she claims you couldn’t see that she was helped constantly by comrades and had to take frequent breaks. My heart breaks, I tell ya. She also lamented her inability to “dive off a diving board, go skiing, or go run marathons.” Now comes the hysterical part…

When city attorney Michelle Fox asked Sharpton if she had been a marathon runner prior to her accident, Sharpton replied: “Not necessarily. But if I, you know, if I needed to do it and I was exercising or something like that, I was capable of it. Now, I can’t.”

It sounds like a very bad joke, but unfortunately it is not. The judge should dismiss this frivolous lawsuit and send Sharpton a bill. Tell her daddy he can pay for it… he won’t. He never does pay his bills and corruption is a family pastime.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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