Michelle Obama Makes Announcement about 2016 Election

by Just An American | December 20, 2016 4:16 pm

Apparently Michelle Obama is actually looking forward to getting some “anonymity” back in her life. (Could have fooled me.) The first lady has complained in an interview with Oprah that her biggest sacrifice while being America’s First Lady was having to give up her ability to be anonymous.


She says that soon she believes that will change. Which, that could very well be… I know that I for one am ready to forget about the Obamas like a bad dream.

Are you?[2]

Anyhow this is what she had to say about it herself.

“You know, there’s nowhere I can go in the world and just sit at a table and have a cup of coffee and watch the world,” Obama said in what is expected to be her final sit-down interview.

Oprah however told her that she believes there is a fat chance that Michelle will ever be able to get her anonymity back, but the outgoing First Lady was very insistent that she get her way with this one.

“Yes, I am. Now it’s all gonna change,” Obama said at the White House.

To the horror of all nutcase liberals everywhere in America, Michelle also made it clear that she would not be running for office. Not now, not ever.

“That’s one thing I don’t do. I don’t make stuff up. I’m not coy. I’ve proven that. I’m pretty direct,” Obama told Oprah.

“If I were interested in it, I’d say it. I don’t believe in playing games. It’s not something I would do,” she added.

The first lady also said the recent election “was challenging for me as a citizen to watch and experience. It was painful.”

After that she slammed Trump a good bit claiming as I’m sure you have heard that we as Americans have lost all hope because Obama is leaving and Trump is taking his place. She’s so full of herself it’s disgusting.

She then talked about how her and Obama believed in keeping hope alive and telling the American people that everything will be okay…so, she basically contradicted herself.

She tells America we have no hope, then says she takes pride in telling America to keep hope. Whatever Michelle…

Anyhow, after the slamming of Trump, she then says…she and her husband are supporting the President-elect Donald Trump’s transition because…

“it is important for the health of this nation that we support the commander-in-chief.”

Which is again another contradiction…she had JUST finished telling Americans to have no hope because Trump was their President.

To top it all off, she whines about her husband NOT getting the same treatment when he moved in, but that her and Obama are taking the high road because it’s what is best for the country.

This has to be the worst interview she has ever done as First Lady. She lied, complained, insulted, then whined.

Hear that?

That’s the sound of her dignity exiting the building…without her.

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