New Excuse: “Insurance Policy” Really Truly Totally Meant Aggressive Investigation Or Something

New Excuse: “Insurance Policy” Really Truly Totally Meant Aggressive Investigation Or Something

Previously, the texts between rogue, partisan FBI employees involved in investigating the fake Russian collusion were blamed on the agents having an illicit affair. And there are plenty of other defenses. Now we get

In FBI Agent’s Account, ‘Insurance Policy’ Text Referred to Russia Probe

An FBI agent’s reference to “an insurance policy” in a much-debated text message was meant to convey that the bureau needed to aggressively investigate allegations of collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia, according to people familiar with his account.

The text came after a meeting involving Ms. Page, Mr. Strzok and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, according to people close to the pair and familiar with their version of events. At the meeting, Ms. Page suggested they could take their time investigating the alleged collusion because Mrs. Clinton was likely to win, the people said.

If they moved more deliberately, she argued, they could reduce the risk of burning sensitive sources.

Mr. Strzok felt otherwise, according to these people.

His text was meant to convey his belief that the investigation couldn’t afford to take a more measured approach because Mr. Trump could very well win the election, they said. It would be better to be aggressive and gather evidence quickly, he believed, because some of Mr. Trump’s associates could land administration jobs and it was important to know if they had colluded with Russia.

Remember, one of the texts referred to not being able to “take that risk”, and this defense really doesn’t help the narrative that these FBI employees were just doing their jobs. It reads almost as if they were trying to rush things through, just looking for something that could defeat Trump and give Hillary the Oval Office. It’s rogue partisanship. Especially when you connect the dots in terms of how Mr. Strzok was involved in spiking the Hillary investigation, one which would have put you or I in front of a jury.

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