Packing Up for Texas

Wisconsin Democrats trying to block the democratic process on behalf of the insatiably greedy public sector unions that own them aren’t the last state senators to leave their state behind. While they saw fit to hide in the Land of Lincoln, others want out of it:

Roger Keats, a former Illinois state senator and Cook County Board president, is packing up and leaving the Land of Lincoln for good. The 62-year-old Keats was a good government reformer who helped clean up the rampant corruption in the Chicago-area courts uncovered by Operations Greylord and Gambat.

But now he’s throwing in the towel, and he and his wife are heading for Texas. “I am tired of subsidizing crooks,” Keats told the Wilmette Beacon.

In “Good Bye and Good Luck,” a letter to all the friends and political supporters he’s leaving behind after 60 years, Keats says he is leaving what he calls “the most corrupt big city…and most corrupt state in America” with “a heavy heart.”

The corruption that characterizes Chicago’s all-Democrat politics is only one of many problems moonbattery has created, as Keats observes:

“Illinois just sold still more bonds and our credit rating is so bad we pay higher interest rates than junk bonds! Junk Bonds! …

“Illinois is ranked 50th for fiscal policy; 47th in job creation; first in unfunded pension liabilities; second largest budget deficit; first in failing schools; first in bonded indebtedness; highest sales tax in the nation; most judges indicted; and five of our last nine elected governors have been indicted. That is more than the other 49 states added together!”

This is the swamp from which the liberal media recruited Barack Hussein Obama to run our country.

Keats has had his fill of the politics marketed nationally as “Hope & Change.”

On a tip from Byron. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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