Today Is The Day – Major Executive Action On Immigration INCOMING!

Today Is The Day – Major Executive Action On Immigration INCOMING!

President Trump is expected to be making some pretty significant executive actions today. These orders are said to be ones that will restrict immigration from SEVEN Middle Eastern countries.


With that Trump will make good on yet ANOTHER campaign promise of his.

He is citing “several congressional aides and immigration experts briefed on the matter” as reported by Reuters. It is being said that the Trump administration plans to sign executive orders that will temporarily restrict immigration to the United States from the following places:


These very orders are expected to massively impact most refugees from each of these nations. At least until the Department of Homeland Security and State Department are able to make improvements to the standing vetting process or lack thereof.

This plan is ultimately endorsed to prevent or aid to prevent possible terrorists from exploiting our U.S. immigration system.

The White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, has already confirmed that this immigration vetting process will be put into full force as soon as Rex Tillerson is fully cleared to go ahead to lead the State Department.

Of course because these countries all seem to be Muslim nations, Trump is not going to get by doing this without backlash from all the nasty liberal critics. However, if it’s determined the temporary immigration ban is going to cause several problems, then so be it. Trump is ready.

Stay tuned folks…we are living in exciting times!

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