GOT HER! Trey Gowdy Catches Lynch Lying Under Oath About Not Using Personal Email [VIDEO]

GOT HER! Trey Gowdy Catches Lynch Lying Under Oath About Not Using Personal Email [VIDEO]

Just this week we learned that the former Attorney General Loretta Lynch had been using a fake name to send important emails about a meeting she had with Bill Clinton. Under the name Elizabeth Carlisle (from her grandmother’s name and a location in her favorite book), Lynch emailed back and forth with the Department of Justice about the “tarmac meeting” that even Trump himself is tweeting about.

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If Lynch were a Republican, Trump would’ve worked to get her out of the party and knock down her influence by now, but since she is a Democrat, she is being protected by the powers that be at papers like the Washington Post which is owned by Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon and now Whole Foods.

The proof that she was using personal, unsecured email and a fake name on top of it is bad enough, but it gets worse (for her) when Trey Gowdy gets into the mix. Gowdy has earned himself a reputation as probably the most moral, straight-laced guy in the justice system.

The video here is Trey Gowdy asking Lynch a few questions about the use of private email. Now that we know better, it really does sound like he knew something was fishy back then or was given information that he was unable to verify, but wanted to make sure to lay a trap that we would all be able to point to later. His questions are very specific and her answers are complete lies.

It’s only 41 seconds, so there is no excuse to not hear the whole thing!

One of the top Twitter comments on the thread says that, “A good attorney never asks a question that she/he doesn’t already know the answer to,” and I have to agree from both Gowdy’s and Lynch’s voices it sounds like they both knew exactly what they were doing.

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