Cops capture naked college student, but what he did was really nasty

Cops capture naked college student, but what he did was really nasty

The cop who had to do this job deserves a raise. Gross. A 22 year-old University of Georgia student decided to get high on PCP. He then proceeded to streak across campus naked. An officer saw the senior in management information systems running naked as the day he was born towards a garbage truck. When he caught up with him, the guy had already crawled into the slime and repeatedly kept slipping from the officer’s grasp. He looked dazed and was higher than a kite. He was also extremely combative. Angel Dust will do that to you I guess. The police sergeant managed to cuff the guy before he could slip further into the muck. For doing his duty, he was kicked and punched in the chest. Just another fun day for our boys in blue.


From NY Daily News:

Officers stunned a University of Georgia student coated in slick, smelly filth after he dived naked into a garbage truck during a suspected drug binge, according to a local report.

The combative 22-year-old identified as Benjamin Abele repeatedly slipped from an officer’s grasp while burrowing deep into the truck’s hopper while under the influence of PCP, Athens-Clarke County police said.

An officer spied the senior in management information systems streaking toward the sanitation vehicle stopped during its route at 2:30 a.m. May 29. He watched Abele hop into six inches worth of a “dirty and foul liquid seeping” from a heaping pile of rubbish, according to a police report obtained by the Athens Banner-Herald.

The officer peeked inside the truck and found the suburban Atlanta native cozied up to the trash with “a dazed look on his face” he associated with the hallucinogenic drug known as angel dust.

Benjamin Abele was struck with a Taser once in the truck, but it had no effect. He was hit again after four cops finally pulled him out of the hopper. The cops ‘escorted’ him to a hospital due to his ‘abnormal strength’. Another bennie of getting high on PCP. It goes hand in hand with violent outbursts and hallucinations. He was later charged with felony obstruction and public indecency Friday and released on bond, jail records show. There goes his future and his reputation. I doubt it was worth it. The kid had just won a $10,000 prize for an ecommerce startup for art sales. He must have bought a whole bunch of drugs with his money. Moron.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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