CRAZY Liberal Flips Off ‘Big Redneck’ Trump Supporter – Then Calls the Cops to Save Herself (VIDEO)

CRAZY Liberal Flips Off ‘Big Redneck’ Trump Supporter – Then Calls the Cops to Save Herself (VIDEO)

Liberals are not known for their rationality and logic. The entire liberal movement revolves around emotion and assuaging their poor, hurt feelings while telling people whatever they want to hear. On top of that, they’re hyper-sensitive, shrieking in outrage and demanding safe spaces whenever they’re confronted with anything that doesn’t fit into their narrow liberal worldview.

One liberal learned the hard way that the rest of the world doesn’t always play along.


Some crazy liberal girl was driving along to pick up her son from school when she was confronted with the worst thing she could possibly come across: a homeowner with Trump signs on his lawn. She said that she drives past his house occasionally and it makes her absolutely enraged, having to see a private citizen expressing his own First Amendment rights. So when she saw him in his driveway, she flipped him off and then called the police when he started following her. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go as planned.

The “mother f***er”, as she described him, got in his car and photographed her car and license plate. So. she reacted exactly as expected, with maturity and wisdom.

Ha! Not exactly. Instead, she yelled, “Back off, you f***ing racist!” and began honking her horn and flashing her lights at him. This drew the attention of a police officer, who informed her that she was now a public disturbance, as she was carrying on like a lunatic in a school zone.

She explained to the officer that she was recording him, for all of her social media “followers” and told the officer that she flipped off the man for having Trump signs displayed. “My question is, why would you even go out of your way to do that?” the officer, very reasonably, asked. Her answer? Because she’s angry about the election, which evidently gives her the right to do whatever the heck she wants. The officer, however, told her that she was letting her emotions get the best of her and to just move on. And then she really lost it.

“Move on? There is a racist, xenophobic maniac running for president and that guy is supporting him and if I give him the finger, that’s a peaceful… ” she ranted. “My point is that I silently protested something I don’t agree with.” So she can give someone the finger because she has First Amendment rights, but this man — who she disagrees with — evidently should not be allowed to express his own opinions and beliefs, all because she doesn’t like them.

And Miss Crazy Pants learned the hard way that she can’t do whatever she wants without consequences. “What you need to do is stay away from him,” he said. “Don’t drive by his residence.” She responded that she has to drive by his house, so the officer warned her that he has cameras outside recording her actions. “I would recommend that you just drive on next time,” he said. “Don’t start fights.”


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