Drunk BlackLivesMatter Thug Goes Toe to Toe With Sheriff Clarke – Guess Who Won?

Drunk BlackLivesMatter Thug Goes Toe to Toe With Sheriff Clarke – Guess Who Won?

There’s nothing liberals hate more than a black American who strays from the liberal plantation. Minorities of any kind aren’t allowed to think for themselves — women, black people, Hispanics, they’re all expected to be good little liberals forever. And whenever liberals get angry, nothing good follows.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke was on a flight from Milwaukee to New Hampshire, where he was scheduled to be the featured guest at the Cheshire County Annual Republican Shoot on Sunday. Clarke is an outspoken critic of the Black Lives Matter movement and is also a Trump supporter. Another passenger, Preston Bluntson, was furious that Clarke was on the same plane. So Bluntson did what liberals do: he got drunk and caused a disturbance.


Bluntson was originally seated in the back of the plane, but halfway through the flight, Sheriff Clarke noticed that Bluntson was “giving the flight attendant a hard time.” So he intervened. “He was yelling at passengers, the flight attendants and would not calm down no matter what,” Clarke said. “One newspaper reported incorrectly that the man was berating me the entire flight, which wasn’t true. Had he come at me with that, I would’ve just kicked his ass.”

However, other passengers did report that Clarke was, indeed, the subject of Bluntson’s ire. One passenger said that Bluntson repeatedly used a racial epithet, said Clarke was “not one of us” and accused Clarke of “closing our parks.” Clarke confirmed that Bluntson used racial epithets against him as well. “After I pinned him across the seats to maintain control he said… ‘Oh you’re one of those kind of n*****s,’” Clarke said.

sheriff clarke

Bluntson was running up and down the aisles, but after Clarke intervened the first time, he settled down for a little while. But as the plane approached the runway to land, he started up again. “He got out of his seat as the plane approached the runway on landing,” Clarke said. “That was enough for me. As the wheels touched down I got up pushed him back into his seat as he tried to get up again and I pinned him down until cops boarded. I yelled for the Sgt. and said give me your handcuffs and I cuffed him.”

But according to Clarke, this is a bigger issue than just a drunk passenger causing problems for him. It affects other people:

“Passengers in airplanes now are sitting ducks, but we shouldn’t be forced to choose between traveling and safety,” he said. Clarke is calling for improved safety on airplanes, as well as an end to gun-free zones. Anywhere that citizens aren’t allowed to carry guns make people “easy targets” according to Clarke, because they “are never protected in meaningful ways.”

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