Keeping Men Out Of Women’s Bathrooms Against American Values Or Something

by William Teach | June 11, 2016 7:34 am

There was a time, not that long ago, when public officials making insane pronouncements would have been run out of town on a rail. Now? They feel fully empowered to be utterly stupid

(Daily Caller[1]) Legislation that keeps men out of women’s bathrooms is directly contrary to American values, according to assistant attorney general Vanita Gupta, who heads up the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Civil Rights Division.

Gupta made the claim at a forum held on Tuesday by the Washington Council of Lawyers.

“Even after the Supreme Court’s landmark gay marriage decision last year in Obergefell v. Hodges that guaranteed all people ‘equal dignity in the eyes of the law,’ we see new efforts to deny LGBTI individuals the respect they deserve and the protection our laws guarantee,” Gupta said[2].

“And let me add this — efforts like House Bill 2 in North Carolina not only violate the laws that govern our nation, but also the values that define us as a people,” she continued.

There’s no other way to put it, people Gupta are utter nutjobs, who are so far outside the mainstream that they need a giant telescope to even view it. For most of humanity’s time, men and women used the bathroom, locker room, and showers that conform to their biology. There were obviously exceptions. In the modern era, though, these irresponsible and deranged Leftists want to use the power of government to force citizens to accept allowing fake men in the bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers of real women. Even those where underage women go.

They’ve decided to place the so-called rights of those who are confused over those of real, biological women.

Gupta made a similar claim in a speech[3] Wednesday at a civil rights symposium hosted by the U.S. Attorneys Office.

“We also believe that America cannot reach its full potential and promise until every person in this country — regardless of his or her sexual orientation or gender identity — can live free from discrimination, harassment and violence,” she said before repeating her claim that H.B. 2 is contrary to “the values that define us as a people.”

It’s psychopathic pronouncements like this that almost make me want to vote for Donald Trump, giving him the chance to fire these nutters and replace them with people of sound mind.

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