Liberal vandal conjures inner-ISIS, posts horrible violent message to republicans

Liberal vandal conjures inner-ISIS, posts horrible violent message to republicans

An anonymous vandal has posted a sticker on public property that has one sick message for college Republicans. It wants their heads CUT OFF. If this doesn’t prove that the liberals and Antifa are like the queer little sister version of ISIS, then I don’t know what does. This violent leftist nonsense is pointed at the Berkeley College Republicans in California. They’re the target of crazed leftists who don’t believe in freedom of speech. The liberals in that wonderful state of California refuse to allow Republican college students to have their voice. But I thought being a Democrat was fighting for the rights of the people? If you’re a Democrat and you’re trying to shut the Republicans up, then that doesn’t make any sense and it goes directly against your own agenda which is freedom and fighting FOR the people.

Typical stupidity coming from the liberals who refuse to let college Republicans invite their controversial speakers to have successful events. This is the norm in California now. If liberals had intelligent brains, then they would let the college Republicans invite their speakers and the liberals would attend the events and have thoughtful questions prepared and try to stump the speakers in their own game. The problem is that most leftists are unfortunately part of the unintelligent population of America, thus they don’t have anything intelligent to ask the Republican speakers. The leftists only know how to attack people with violence and they are ONLY good at the violence when they’re in a large group. If you catch one of these liberal Antifa scumbags alone, then you can usually beat the business out of them with a solid single punch. Even if a group of Antifa liberals try to attack you, then you just need to land a solid hit on them and they scatter. They truly are the weakest losers in the country.

The University of California at Berkeley’s College Republicans have received several death threats in recent weeks, with unidentified vandals posting stickers across campus calling for members of the group to be beheaded or lynched.

But the most recent round of sticker threats comes less than two months after students, protesting the College Republican’s speaking event for Milo Yiannopoulos, caused $100,000 in damage on campus.

A spokesman for the group told the student newspaper that the College Republicans have long received threats, dating back even before the November election.

A College Republicans spokeswoman also said that members had been “pepper sprayed, sucker-punched and verbally and physically assaulted for voicing their opinions and beliefs” on campus. And in March, members caught another student destroying one of the College Republicans’ signs, posting video of the vandalism to their Facebook page.

By deadline, neither UC Berkeley nor the university’s police department responded to Heat Street’s queries about how many individual reports they had received about threats or vandalism targeting the College Republicans.

This semester, the Berkeley College Republicans have hosted speeches for other controversial speakers, including Charles Murray and Heather Mac Donald. On April 27, the group will host Ann Coulter.

Beheaded? Who are you, ISIS? That’s an ISIS move and these liberals need to back off and stop stealing other people’s strategies. Apparently if you’re a Republican and invite some well known speakers, then you should be beheaded. Instead of having an intelligent conversation, the liberals resort to barbaric violence and group attacks on people and events. Instead of challenging the Republican speakers with thoughts, questions and dialogue, the liberals sink to new lows and become the embarrassment of America.

ISIS should be thinking “who are these liberal Antifa fools and why are they stealing our moves” and then dip the liberals in an acid bath and see how they feel about it.

I’m almost certain that there is no way that Democrats can ever win another Presidential election and it’s because of how THEY act. No intelligent people want to be associated with a party who is so stupid that they destroy public property and cost the tax payers money in fixing everything.

The liberal cucks are the weakest link.

Frank Lea

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