Liberals Trend #HesNotMyPresident

by William Teach | November 9, 2016 7:04 am

Yes, it is that kind of day which deserves a second post on the Trump winning, albeit along a slightly different line. Remember when Democrats chastised Republicans for saying “Obama’s not my president”? This came after Democrats said that about George W. Bush for almost 8 years, but really starting about the time of the Iraq war. I myself proclaimed in 2011 that Obama was Not My President[1]. But, now we get

Just woke up to a delicious fresh serving off butt-hurt with #HesNotMyPresident[2] & #ImStillWithHer[3].

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) November 9, 2016[4]

Yeah, we do

Thank you @HillaryClinton[5], you fought the good fight, but hate won. I'm still with you. #HesNotMyPresident[2]

— Lesley Abravanel (@lesleyabravanel) November 9, 2016[6]

Well we just solved #Immigration[7] issues because who the F wants to come here now. #HesNotMyPresident[2]

— shelikeslists (@shelikeslists) November 9, 2016[8]

Didn't know America could be so blind and elect this sexist and racist piece of trash to lead our country. #HesNotMyPresident[2]

— Morgan Minko (@MorganMinko) November 9, 2016[9]

#HesNotMyPresident[2] but he sure is the president for neo nazis, the KKK, and vladimir putin

— anna g!vens (@Annascgivens) November 9, 2016[10]

I will not be afraid to voice my opinion. I will not be silenced. This generation will not be silenced. #HesNotMyPresident[2]

— Hannah Donahue (@Hannah_Donahue3) November 9, 2016[11]

Um, OK. No one is silencing. If that was the case, you wouldn’t be able to Tweet.

This keeps going and going and going. There are entirely too many to post.

Just imagine the butthurt on January 20.

And how many will stay home today, and possibly through the week?

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