Man catches neighbor BEATING a DOG, what happens next is sweet justice

Man catches neighbor BEATING a DOG, what happens next is sweet justice

A man saw his neighbor BEATING the family dog and took justice into his own hands. What started as a conversation about how to treat animals turned into much worse. The man who confronted his neighbor about the dog must have been threatened and scared for his life, because he ended up shooting the dog beater in the neck! Talk about karma getting you back!

dog shooting

From Click2Houston:

Police said a man in his 60s said he saw the younger man beating his dog and tried to stop it. “My son attacked him in some form or fashion because they were talking about the dog. My son ran into the house. The guy that shot him ran into another area, got the shotgun and shot through my back window and shot my son in the neck,” the younger man’s mother told KPRC 2.

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The dog beater survived the shot to the neck, but hopefully learned a life lesson on how to treat animals. The man may not face any charges because it may fall into the self defense category. That’s a good thing. He shouldn’t be charged!

No one should beat a dog unless the dog is attacking someone and you need to save the human. That’s probably the ONLY time you should strike an animal. Of course, that depends on who it is. If this dog-beating-neighbor is randomly attacked by angry pit bulls, then I might look the other way.

Nothing to see here folks.

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