Man Seeking Second Marriage License in the Name of ‘Marriage Equality’ Finally Has His Answer

Man Seeking Second Marriage License in the Name of ‘Marriage Equality’ Finally Has His Answer

When Nathan Collier approached Montana courts earlier this month, he knew he would make the news. Nathan wanted the Montana courts to recognize his polygamous union with two women, Victoria Collier and Christine Collier. He has threatened legal action if the courts failed to recognize his union – and the verdict is IN:


Montana’s Yellowstone County Attorney’s Office will not grant Nathan Collier a legally binding marriage to two different women.

The Colliers filed the motion based on the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage throughout the country.

Nathan Collier explained his family’s reasoning when he spoke to KRTV:

“We just want to add legal legitimacy to an already happy, strong, loving family,” he said.
Attorney Kevin Gillen struck down the request in no uncertain terms, as seen in the refusal letter he drafted for the state:

“I am not in the business of speculating as to what types of consequences (and new laws) may flow from the recent Supreme Court case,” he wrote.

“However, until such time that laws change, the law of the State of Montana is that bigamy and polygamy are illegal arrangements and, consequently, the Yellowstone County Clerk of District Court is unable to issue such a marriage license.”
One of the wives, Christine Collier, said she was disappointed but expected this outcome:

“We kind of anticipated that the answer would be no,” said Christine. “It was predictable based on how the laws are written. There’s no distinction between polygamy and bigamy in the written law. To us, polygamy is consensual, where bigamy would be non-consensual.”

Vicki Collier added that the family was heartbroken over the decision:

“This affects people’s lives. It was heartbreaking, and I tried to prepare Christine for that because there’s always that small glimmer of hope.”

This is truly heart breaking for this family. Agree or disagree, I say that as long as you are doing something that doesn’t harm anyone, isn’t costing the taxpayers anything, it is none of my business and I just do not care. People are going to live how they want to live, with or without the law. Why not just make it legal? Let them sort out whatever hot mess they have going on.

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