Man who wants to have his genitals removed to become a ‘genderless alien’ wants to adopt children [VIDEO]

Man who wants to have his genitals removed to become a ‘genderless alien’ wants to adopt children [VIDEO]

If the picture did not already make you feel uncomfortable and a little scared for our world’s future, then hold on, because it gets worse.

Vinny Ohh is a 22 year-old young man from Los Angeles, California. This very young man has been having surgeries since he was only 17 years-old that will help him “transform” into a sexless extra terrestrial. What is truly terrifying and uncomfortable is he expressed a desire to adopt in the future saying that these surgeries would not affect his future or his ability to contribute as a parent.

He is working towards having a surgery that will remove his nipples, belly button, and penis.

According to the Daily Mail, Vinny spoke out in an interview about his journey saying:

Vinny said previously: ‘I want to be a sexless alien being, I want my outside to reflect how I feel on the inside.

The overall image I want to do is an alien. I want to be a hybrid, not male or female.

I’ve wanted to be sexless and genderless since I was 17, I’ve been going to doctors to see if it’s possible but had no luck.

I don’t want people to think I’m trying to change into a woman. I could live without sexual organs so why should I have a penis or a vagina.

I don’t see why I shouldn’t have my genitals completely removed and have nothing down there.

So far, I’ve had $50,000 in skincare and procedures including two rhinoplasties, facial fillers in my lips, cheeks and brow bone all to look extra-terrestrial.

I do kind of look like a Martian, I have a really big head, no eyebrows and I’ve just been connecting with that.

When people ask me how I’d label myself, I tell them an “extra-terrestrial, hot mess, self-obsessed”, it’s becoming my slogan.

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