Man Yanks Strange Piece Of Rope In Dirt, Uncovers Dirturbing Mystery Found For Miles [VIDEO]

by Cassy Fiano | September 1, 2017 5:39 pm

Hiking is a favorite pastime for many Americans. And with the number of incredible parks across the country, that’s no surprise — there is no shortage of natural beauty in the great outdoors in this country. But sometimes people come across strange things. And in the case of this New Jersey man, what he found ended up being downright dangerous.


The Wayne resident was hiking through the High Mountain Park Preserve this summer when he came across something that struck him as odd. When he investigated further, he found something shocking: someone had booby-trapped the park.

Whoever was responsible for the booby traps had placed numerous dangerous objects, many buried underneath the dirt. The traps included barbed wire strung across walking paths, broken bottles and boards with nails in them. Wayne Police Department Capt. Laurence W. Martin released a statement urging caution from the public.

“The resident states that since June 23 he has found wooden boards hidden beneath the surface of the trail with screws/nails protruding, broken bottles placed along the trails behind or next to rocks or logs, and rope and barbed wire strung across pathways,” Martin said. “Some of these were placed just under the … surface to injure persons on foot or disable bicycle tires. The barbed wire and rope that was strung across the path ways raises the threat to serious injury or death.”

Police are investigating, but until they find a culprit, Martin asked that people be careful when hiking through the park. “These events pose a serious risk to hikers and mountain bikers who use the High Mountain Park for recreation,” he warned. “We are asking the public’s assistance to be mindful of these styles of booby-trap hazards.”

People reacted to the shocking story on social media, slamming the person responsible and expressing outrage that such a thing would even happen to begin with.

“Things are getting so bad here in America this is just another one that people are going to have to worry about when out hiking or walking,” one person wrote. “Please be careful out there.” Another thought that the person responsible should face heavy charges, even if no one is ever injured from the traps. “I say things like this should be considered attempted murder even if they are never triggered and nobody gets hurt (in war that’s a different matter, this is civilian territory) and domestic terrorism!” they wrote.

Another person thought the culprit deserved a taste of their own medicine. “Sounds like a great idea—whoever is found responsible even accessories made to walk the distance of that trail of hurt!!!” they said. “Then thrown in prison without medical help and die s miserable death!!”

What do you think should happen if the person responsible is found?

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