Mother Pig Eats A Two Year-Old Boy (VIDEO)

by Cassy Fiano | September 2, 2017 10:26 am

Parents can’t be there to watch their children every second of every day. It’s realistic, but it can still lead to catastrophic results. For two Chinese parents, turning their backs for a moment meant the ultimate tragedy: their two year-old boy died and in the worst possible way.


Wei Tsao, known as Keke to his parents, was playing in the garden of his parent’s home in China. They went inside for a moment and that was all it took for disaster to strike. The little boy made his way into the family’s pig pen, where a sow had just given birth to piglets.

When the toddler began wandering towards the piglets, their mother instantly became protective. She charged towards Wei Tsao and attacked, and the parents realized something was wrong when they heard his screams, which were so loud, they could be heard throughout the entire village.

His parents rushed outside and found the pig eating Wei Tsao, chewing on his head. 25 year-old Sun Tsai, the boy’s father, explained what happened. “We had popped inside for just a couple of minutes when we heard the screams,” he said. “When we came out we saw the pig about 80 metres away gnawing on Keke’s head.”

Villagers quickly came to help and together with the parents, they grabbed the pig and pulled her off the poor boy. She was tied to a tree and killed, where her stomach was then cut open. Inside, they found remnants of Wei Tsao’s skull and hair, proving to authorities that the pig did, indeed, kill him.

“This is a horrible tragedy,” Cheng Yuan, a village leader, said. “We had to cut the pig open, not as an act of revenge but to prove to the authorities that it had indeed killed and eaten Keke.” Police, meanwhile, urged people to be cautious when dealing with sows who have just recently given birth. “Sows are often docile creatures but pregnant pigs and ones who have just given birth can be very protective and turn aggressive towards anything they consider to be a threat to their piglets,” a police spokesman said. “We urge farmers to keep their pigs in their pens.”

As the story spread across the world, people were understandably horrified. Some, though, blamed the parents. “[P]oor pig only protecting its young and parents should have been keeping an eye on their kid,” one commenter wrote. “I cant believe they way the have tied this poor pig up , very disturbing and very cruel.”

But others said they understood where the parents and villagers were coming from. “While not the pig’s fault, I too would be blind with rage if ANY animal killed my child,” someone responded. “So go on and pass judgement, pity the poor animal as you children play safely by your feet.”

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