MUST-SEE VIDEO: ‘Bright Green FIREBALL’ Streaks Across Texas Sky

MUST-SEE VIDEO: ‘Bright Green FIREBALL’ Streaks Across Texas Sky

Here’s a story that’s likely to interest the UFO watchers. A mysterious green fireball lit up the sky in Texas — and while it appeared to be a meteorite, no meteorite fragments have been found.

texas fireball

Just after 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, dozens of Texas residents reported seeing a fireball fly across the sky, while others reported the ground shaking.

Incredible dash-cam video from a YouTube user who was driving in San Antonio appears to capture a meteor streaking across the sky.

The official Twitter account for the National Weather Service Austin/San Antonio says they have not found any meteorites on the ground and the shaking may have been from the sonic boom.

So whatever it was, it didn’t leave any fragments behind and it was powerful enough to create a sonic boom. UFO? Or was there some other explanation?

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