NY Times Editorial Board Spins A Fantasy To Protect Illegal Alien Killers

by William Teach | July 13, 2015 8:10 am

If you want to read what the Liberal intelligentsia believe, you head to the NY Times. And, right now, they want to protect sanctuary cities[1], which protect those who have entered out country illegally or overstayed their visas, even if they are bad people who have committed serious crimes.

The editorial from the mostly white and male Editorial Board starts off with a discussion of the murder of Kathryn Steinle by 5 time deported illegal Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who also has a long rap sheet. Of course it devolves into whines about him being a “dark-skinned face of the Mexican killers that Donald Trump — in a racist speech announcing his presidential campaign, and numerous interviews thereafter — has been warning the nation about.” And whines about people taking advantage of the murder to complain about illegals and sanctuary cities. Because liberals never take advantage. How many op-eds and editorials emanated from the NY Times about gun violence? Then we move to

Lost in the screaming were the sound reasons that cities and localities shun the role of immigration enforcers. They are balancing public safety with a respect for civil rights and the Constitution. San Francisco had received an ICE request, called a detainer, to hold Mr. Lopez-Sanchez, but detainers are unconstitutional; a person can’t be held without charge just for ICE’s convenience. Turning the local police and sheriff’s deputies into de facto ICE agents heightens fear and distrust in immigrant communities, which makes fighting crime harder.

Well, when a city is inviting illegal aliens, including those with criminal records, to their cities, telling them they will be protected from Los Federales, public safety has been thrown out the window. Civil rights? What civil rights? The illegals have broken federal law by entering illegally/overstaying visas.

Unconstitutional? He would be held with charge. Being in the country illegally. It is criminal to re-enter country after being deported. Who cares if this causes fear and distrust in the illegal alien communities? They’re here illegally. Funny how Liberals pick and choose which federal law they want to enforce. When Arizona passed its SB1070 law, cracking down on illegals, they pitched a fit that Arizona wouldn’t be following federal law. Yet, they support Sanctuary cities.

The Homeland Security secretary, Jeh Johnson, last fall announced his plan to replace Secure Communities with a new Priority Enforcement Program, which would only seek custody of immigrants convicted of certain serious crimes, and only by asking the local authorities to notify ICE about their imminent release. If the program had been in place in San Francisco earlier in the year, a phone call might have kept Mr. Lopez-Sanchez off the streets.

No, it wouldn’t, because Sanctuary cities refuse to let ICE know anything. They could have picked up the phone and called ICE about Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez when they had him in custody. They chose not to.

People like the NY Times Editorial Board and San Francisco government have the blood of Kathryn Steinle on their hands. They refuse to get serious on these illegals. OK, fine, most are probably nice people, looking for a better life. They’re still here illegally. Mexican law wouldn’t put up with this same conduct. Nor would most other countries. And they sure wouldn’t coddle illegals who also break serious property and violent crime laws.

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