NY Times: This May Very Be The End Of The Republic, You Guys!

by William Teach | November 21, 2016 7:48 am


Seriously, Donald hasn’t even taken office yet, and the forces of Liberalism, meaning unhinged tools, are pulling the full Barking Moonbat Force 10 schtick all over the place. What they do not seem to get is that people are tuning out the media. So much of what Trump did was to run against the Credentialed Media. So, when they run crazy things like this, they’ll get more eye rolls than agreement. Except in Special Snowflake world, of course. Here’s Excitable Charles Blow, who apparently spent his Sunday in high dudgeon rather than enjoying some football on a gorgeous day

Trump: Making America White Again[2]

This may well be the beginning of the end: the early moments of a historical pivot point, when the slide of the republic into something untoward and unrecognizable still feels like a small collection of poor judgments and reversible decisions, rather than the forward edge of an enormous menace inching its way forward and grinding up that which we held dear and foolishly thought, as lovers do, would ever endure.

Doom! If you want a real pivot point, go back to when the 17th Amendment[3] was enacted.

Increasingly, as he picks his cabinet from among his fawning loyalists, it is becoming clear that by “Make America Great Again,” he actually meant some version of “Make America a White, Racist, Misogynistic Patriarchy Again.” It would be hard to send a clearer message to women and minorities that this administration will be hostile to their interests than the cabinet he is assembling.

What follows is a list of Trump’s appointments, painting them in the worst light, because, that’s what people like Blow do. I guess he prefers the race baiters, hardcore Progressives (nice fascists), and Islamic extremist apologists of the Obama administration. He ends thusly

Trump is making a statement that it would behoove America to heed: The America he envisions, and is now actively constructing from his perch of power, is not an inclusive America. It is a society driven by a racial Owellianism that seeks to defend, elevate and enshrine the primacy of white men and is hostile to all “others.”

That orange glow emanating from the man is the sun setting on America’s progress, however slow and halting, on race and gender inclusion and equity.

Well, that’s interesting. While attempting to smear Trump as a racist, he uses racist verbiage in calling Trump orange. Anyhow, it will be interesting to see if Trump does what he said, and helps increase the standing of Blacks, who has seen as being kept down on Democratic Party plantations, left in high poverty, poor education, low jobs chances, in neighborhoods full of blight and violence, all administered and run by Democrats.

Let’s end with a rather anti-political correctness question: what is wrong with White people standing up for themselves? Every other group is allowed to push for policies that help themselves at the expense of others. Blacks, Latinos, illegal aliens, LGBT, womyns[4] (yes, spelled that way on purpose), you name it. But, never whites.

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