TSA Works Hard To Keep Us Safe From….Cupcakes

Well, that frosting might contain sugar and trans-fats! Put this broad in jail!

(Newser) One sign the TSA has officially gone overboard: One of its agents deemed a Massachusetts woman’s cupcake a security threat. Rebecca Hains says she was moving through security at a Las Vegas airport on Wednesday when a TSA agent took her aside and explained that the cupcake’s frosting was “gel-like,” violating the TSA’s restrictions on liquids and gels and making it a security risk.

Hains, apparently a lover of traveling with cupcakes, explained that she was able to pass through Boston’s Logan International Airport with two cupcakes in tow earlier in the week. She had apparently decided to save one for the ride home, but ultimately surrendered it. “In general, cakes and pies are allowed in carry-on luggage,” explained a TSA rep, who noted that the agency was looking into the dessert debacle; a second spokesman told the AP that cakes and cupcakes are allowed to pass through security checkpoints. The maker of the cupcake, the appropriately named Wicked Good Cupcakes, told WCVB Boston, “Apparently we’re a tasty, terrorist threat.”

Now, Hains said that the TSA morons weren’t worried about the cupcake being explosive, only that it fit some idiotic, Big Government check box as a banned substance. Is there any common sense left in government anywhere? Even when a TSA agent knows this is idiotic, they still have to go through the motions. This is the danger of giving government more and more power, as well as allowing unelected bureaucrats who are not responsible to We The People to make regulations. Every one is just one more loss of freedom for you, and one more step where the government is no longer for the people.

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