VIDEO: David Blane Pulls a Magic Trick so Creepy Harrison Ford Tells Him to ‘Get the F*** Out’

by Sierra Marlee | April 26, 2015 3:28 pm

The best magic tricks are those that seem to defy all explanation. When David Blaine performs a creepy trick in Harrison Ford’s kitchen[1], it blows everyone away. You have to see it to believe it.


What do an orange, a knife, and a deck of cards have in common? They are all used in a magic trick so creepy that it made Harrison Ford tell David Blaine to “get the f*** outta my house.” If you’re wondering what could cause such a reaction, you’re in luck. We have the video below.

Now you gotta admit that’s as cool as it is baffling. Of course, the pragmatist in me is complaining that you’ll never be able to use that nine of hearts again, but I digress.

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