VIDEO: Freerunner Amazes Everyone When He Jumps from Pillar to Pillar on the 43rd Floor of a Dubai Hotel with No Safety Net

by Sierra Marlee | May 10, 2015 9:44 pm

This man is either extremely brave or straight up insane[1]. Either way, he did what he did, and we have the video to prove it. I wouldn’t recommend watching this if you have a fear of heights, because you WILL start hyperventilating.

2881284900000578-3075034-Death_defying_Oleg_Sherstyachenko-a-18_1431200875000[2]From The Daily Mail[3]:

A fearless freerunner has filmed himself jumping from pillar to tiny pillar on the side of a Dubai hotel, hundreds of feet above the ground.

The stomach-churning video shows Oleg Sherstyachenko leaping across the platforms on the 43rd floor of the Sofitel Hotel in Dubai Marina.

Professional stuntman Oleg starts the short video by dangling the hand-held camera over the edge of a tiny pillar he stands on.

The cars and yachts parked in the upmarket area below are barely visible from the dizzying height.

Without a safety net, the Russian gathers speed on the precarious platform and leaps from one to another – taking his viewers on a thrilling point-of-view journey.

Oleg told MailOnline: ‘I was not afraid to do this because at the height I feel like a bird in the air. I just enjoy life, just live, and do video and pictures for other people.’

And when asked whether he was aware that one single wrong step would result in certain death, he replied: ‘Yeah, sure.’

Oleg posted the death-defying stunt over Dubai Marina on Instagram and assured his 13,000 followers: ‘Clear your mind. Just relax.’

From scaling the 400-metre-high Princess Tower in Dubai to standing high above the glittering Hong Kong skyline, his social media feed is crammed with potentially-fatal stunts.

You can watch the heart-stopping video below:

Yeah, I can go my entire life without ever doing that. Or seeing it done by someone else. Everything on my bucket list isn’t anything that could or would result in my death if not done precisely, but more power to this guy.

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