VIDEO: Screaming woman flips out on a veteran for bringing his PTSD dog into a restaurant

VIDEO: Screaming woman flips out on a veteran for bringing his PTSD dog into a restaurant

People suck. They just do. Call it the natural man, call it bad parenting, call it whatever you want – when it comes to the human beings living on this earth, I’m willing to bet a very good portion of them are just terrible people. Not in the sense of evil, no. I think ISIS has that base covered. I mean in the sense that you would never want to be associated with such a despicable person. Do you know a person like that?

Well, if you don’t, have I got a treat for you. We have now some despicable video that shows an unhinged woman completely losing it on a military veteran, then at the restaurant’s staff members, then back on the veteran. How and why did this woman go nuts? Well, the man brought his PTSD service dog into the fast food joint and she didn’t appreciate that.

Here’s your example people…

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When the recording picks up, we see that the crazed woman is already knee deep into her crazy dump and going a lot further by threatening the veteran that she will use her hands if she has to (I guess that means she will fight, or something…), and she threatens to push the easily identified and vested service dog. YES! This woman is that deranged, she started to threaten to harm a service dog that was doing nothing but standing off to the side.

That was when a staff member of this unidentified establishment said that the dog being in the joint was fine because “he fought for our country.” That somehow sparked this woman who kicked it into overdrive, screaming that she had a military member husband who died and that was her point.

Then miss nutty pants screamed the following:

“It’s still nasty to me! I don’t care! There should be a separate section for a fucking animal!”

Even other patrons of the restaurant tried to tell her to calm down and she can eat anywhere else… she then responds with “whores” and “bitches.” One man in particular decided to get right up in her face, demanding she leave, but the calm and quiet veteran held him back and said words of wisdom: “Don’t do it. This is beneath us.”

Soon after, the crazy leaves the building and the video ends. There is no justification for such behavior. It kind of makes you wonder who the real animal is. Maybe the woman should be the one with the collar on.

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