VIDEO: Thug Biker Gets Aggressive With Woman and She Responds by Running Over Him With Her Car

by Cassy Fiano | May 24, 2016 11:43 pm

No one likes it when other drivers get aggressive — but should you get aggressive in retaliation? One woman did, after a biker kicked her car.

woman vs biker[1]

From the Daily Mail:

A motorbike rider was run over after he violently kicked a driver’s car during traffic congestion.

The rider turns round to the Fiat crossover vehicle and kicks it hard on its passenger’s side wing.

But if the bearded rider thought he was going to escape he was wrong as the female driver immediately accelerates at him, knocking him off his bike.

Other drivers couldn’t believe what they were seeing and tried to get a closer look.

The footage, filmed in Brazil, then amazingly shows the rider hanging onto the bonnet of the vehicle but the driver keeps on going before abruptly stopping at the kerbside.

As onlookers rush over to see if they can stop the altercation the tall rider, clad in leathers and still wearing his safety helmet, then attacks the driver.

He throws his arms inside in the car to grab her. But before he can remove her several people arrive at scene.

She clearly didn’t handle that the right way — she could have, and should have, taken down his information and reported him to authorities. Her response put herself and other people in danger and she’s just lucky that onlookers were there to stop him from seriously hurting her.

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