Video: Welcome to Multiculturalism! Indian Parents Dip Their Kids in Cow Dung for Luck

by Sierra Marlee | December 19, 2015 1:06 pm

America is a melting pot of customs and traditions that can be found in all corners of the world. There are some things, however, that should probably not be brought[1] to our shores.


From The Logical Indian[3]:

The unusual tradition has been taken place in a small village named Betul in Madhya Pradesh for centuries and locals believe the benefits of cow excrement are undeniable.

Parents believe that smearing their kids in cow dung can help them lead a healthy life free from ailments. And they also believe that the ‘purity’ of the cow dung will bring them good luck. The practice is followed a day after Diwali – the biggest Indian festival, also known as the festival of lights.

The Logical Indian is of the opinion that it is time, we Indians get little bit rational. There are rituals which have scientific reasoning behind it but this one is totally absurd.

Watch the video below:

I’ll stick to trying to find four-leaf clovers, if it’s all the same.

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