VIDEO: Woman Shocks Crowd By Doing THIS on the ‘Kiss Cam’

VIDEO: Woman Shocks Crowd By Doing THIS on the ‘Kiss Cam’

Quick scenario: You’re with your significant other at a basketball game when suddenly you find yourselves on the “kiss cam”. The whole stadium is watching with bated breath, expecting the inevitable lip-lock. Despite your best efforts, however, you can’t get your partner’s attention. What do you do? One woman’s solution will surprise you.


From TheBlaze:

It’s safe to say this date didn’t go well.

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A quick-thinking woman who was snubbed by her date after being thrown live on a kiss camera scored instant payback by passionately kissing the man seated next to her.

The incident occurred at Thursday night’s Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, according to eyewitness Hugo Davies, a British student in New York City who captured video.

“I was filming the kiss cam as it was the first time I’ve ever been live to see one,” Davies told TheBlaze Friday. “Most people went along with it and kissed their partner. However, this event suddenly happened and I was shocked that she did that as I thought she was the girlfriend of the first guy.”

“So when she kissed the stranger, I was shocked,” he continued. “The whole crowd went crazy.”

In the video, the unidentified woman can be seen trying to get her date’s attention to no avail. She then turns to the man seated beside her and the two lock lips, immediately grabbing the other guy’s attention.

Davies told TheBlaze that it all appeared “spontaneous,” adding that the woman’s date stood up “ready to confront the stranger” after it all went down.

“His face was bright red for the rest of the game,” Davies said.

Watch the surprising video below:

It’s entirely possible that this was a stunt designed for the shock value, but if it’s not, that lady needs to reevaluate her relationship. There can’t be much there if she’s willing to lock lips with a total stranger to prove a point. Nevertheless, it does make for some good entertainment!


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