Woman Loses Half Her Nose – Cut Off After Herbal Remedy She Used For Skin Cancer ROTTED Her Face [VIDEO]

Woman Loses Half Her Nose – Cut Off After Herbal Remedy She Used For Skin Cancer ROTTED Her Face [VIDEO]

The rise of “alternative” medicine has meant that countless people have been injured or died who otherwise wouldn’t have, thanks to the miracle of modern medicine. A perfect example is a woman who decided to use an herbal remedy from the early 1900s to “treat” her skin cancer instead of actual medicine — and paid for it dearly.

black salve

From the Daily Mail:

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A woman was left with a huge gaping hole in her nose after using an alternative treatment she thought would would cure her skin cancer.

A truly gruesome video documents what happens after she rubbed black salve – an ointment which burns and destroys skin tissue – onto her face and forehead.

Within a few days of applying the paste, horrifying inch-wide black and green scabs appeared as the salve ate away at the skin.

She was left with an unsightly crater in her nose – through which she could draw air – and needed major reconstructive surgery to rebuild it.

… Black salve is a paste is used on moles, scars and skin cancer that was popular in the early 1900s.

It contains sanguinarine – derived from bloodroot – and is often mixed with zinc chloride, working as a corrosive.

The product is commonly classified as an escharotic – a paste which burns and destroys skin tissue and leaves behind a thick, black scar called an eschar.

The U.S.Food and Drug Administration has listed it as a ‘fake cancer treatment’ and is actively trying to ban it.

In the UK, the British Skin Foundation says there is ‘no evidence’ black salve can treat skin cancer.

Writing in an internet forum discussing cancer treatment, the women said had been diagnosed with a basal cell carcinoma, the most frequently occurring type of skin cancer.

It is highly treatable and hardly ever deadly – and she was advised she needed Mohs micrographic surgery.

This is a technique where the thin layers of the tumour are progressively removed until only cancer-free tissue remains.

But worried the procedure would leave her with scarring, the woman decided to opt out and ‘go the natural route’ by using black salve instead.

She said: ‘I applied to nose, and to forehead, where I knew I had another undiagnosed spot.

‘I knew what it was as it felt and behaved just like my prior two basal cell carcinomas.’

A few days later she reported her face had swelled up and sought advice on the same forum.

She said: ‘I looks like a boxer at the end of a long fight.My left eye is almost swelled shut. Is this normal?’

She added she was in so much agony she has to take ibuprofen as well as the hydrocodone – a strong prescribed painkiller – she was already taking regularly.

She said: ‘I was getting worried about so much swelling, wondering if I need to succumb to a “real” doctor to make sure it’s not an allergic reaction?’

A few days later she shared a photograph in which huge black scabs had appeared on her nose and forehead where she had applied the salve.

In one picture – not for the squeamish – she can be seen pulling the scab away from her nose as it has come loose.

She said: ‘Unfortunately, I must be of those cases that ends up with a much worse case than most people experience.

‘The eschar is still attached to my nose, but it’s loose enough that tonight, I could pull the top part away enough to see that my worst fear/outcome is going to be my reality.

Three weeks after applying the salve, the black scab has fallen off her nose, leaving her with a gaping pit in her face, through which she could draw air.

She said: ‘I can see my nose cartilage underneath the eschar, and I can even pull air through the top/front area of my nose if I completely clog my nostrils.

‘To put it bluntly, there is no skin left under the eschar to regenerate NEW SKIN outward from the center of the eschar pit???!!

‘It’s going to be an open PIT, exposing my nasal cartilage and nasal passages to the WORLD!!! What do I do now?’

She said she was ‘sickened and freaked out’ and regretted her decision to use black salve.

‘Yes, I have had the ‘Holy ****, what have I done??!! thought…) I’m past it, because what’s done is done. I have to move forward now,’ she said.

‘Understandably, as you can imagine, I am sickened and freaked out by my personal revelation tonight – that the salve went completely through my nose down to my nasal passages….’

The woman was forced to have major reconstructive surgery to repair the massive hole in her nose, and shared the shocking image of the result in the forum.

Despite losing half her nose, it is not clear if the cancer remains or if it was removed.

Previously, dermatologists have warned black salve is dangerous – and doesn’t cure skin cancer as the cells are likely to return.

Why in the world would anyone ever choose to eschew modern medicine for insane remedies from 100 years ago? People need to get over the idea of alternative or “natural” medicine being better, and go with what is scientifically proven to work.

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