‘WTF are Wings?’ Clueless Dad’s Hilarious Meltdown as He Tries to Buy Sanitary Towels for His Daughter goes viral

by Cassy Fiano | April 19, 2016 6:59 pm

You wouldn’t think buying feminine products would be that difficult. But for a dad who has apparently been living underneath a rock for the past 50 years or so, it was near impossible.

tia savva[1]

From the Daily Mail:

Tia Savva, from Bedford, Bedfordshire, shared screenshots of the amusing chat on Facebook as her father roamed the aisles of Tesco and the post has since had more than 11,000 shares.

Uploaded with the caption: ‘I’m nearly as stressed as my Dad trying to find the right sanitary towels’, the series of texts show what should have been a five minute dash to the store turn into a baffling excursion.

The confusion starts as soon as he steps inside the supermarket, needing direction to the aisle where he will find the feminine care products.

When he finds the goods, he is then left baffled by the sheer amount of choice and goes back to his daughter to ask what particular product she wants.

Tia asks him to pick up a pack of Always, to which her dad replies: ‘Always what?’

‘No, they’re called Always,’ she said.

Her dad is then further shocked by the price and range of products from the single brand.

He says: ‘Oh, seen. What in the f***! £3.50??? Now what, there’s hundreds of them.’

After Tia tells her father to ‘calm down’ he becomes more stressed out as he fears he is getting some strange looks.

‘This woman’s looking at me weird, hurry up,’ he pleads.

Tia says: ‘I need the night-time ones, should be purple packaging. Scented and with wings please.’
But the detail only serves to confuse her dad further.

‘WTF are wings? How will I know if they’re scented, will I have to smell them?’

‘It will say so on the packet, chill out’, Tia tells him.

‘Okay ’cause smelling them would have been weird wouldn’t it.’

The conversation then takes a further cringey turn when Tia’s dad spots the other types of products on offer in the feminine care section.

‘Do you need any creams?’ he asks.

‘What the f***? Why would I need creams?’ says Tia.

‘Because I thought you ladies needed creams for after,’ her dad replies.

Shutting the conversation down, Tia says: ‘OMG, just pick them up and come home.’

Well, that should be really embarrassing for this guy. His daughter is clearly old enough to have been menstruating for quite some time now — shouldn’t he be accustomed to it by now? Get a grip, man.

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