10 Of The Most Disturbing Pictures And Videos From The Ferguson Rioting Tue Night

by John Hawkins | November 26, 2014 6:01 am

* Raw: Mace used during protests in Ferguson, courtesy of KMOV[1]

* WATCH: Ferguson Protestor Grabs, Breaks Fox News Camera Live On-Air, courtesy of Pat Dollard[2] (This appears to be from Monday, but we just saw it early this morning)

“I’m more afraid of the police than the protesters.” http://t.co/bvMa0k04Qq[3] #Ferguson[4] pic.twitter.com/AlLi0LJT1C[5]

* Protester catches pepper spray to the face.

* Protesters burn the American flag.

* Police confiscate bottles full of urine thrown at them.

* Protesters smash the window of a Meineke store.

* Protester pours milk in his face after being tear gassed, courtesy of Perthnow[17].


* Live on air, a CNN Reporter finds his network is not too popular with the protesters.

* Protesters Torch Police Car After Epic Flip Fail (Video), courtesy of The News Commenter[19].

* #MikeBrown‘s Parents Incite a Riot “Burn This B*tch Down” (This is from Monday, but just became available), courtesy of Badger Pundit[20]

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