Abducted 6 year-old found IN CHAINS, what the kidnapper did was SICK [VIDEO]

Abducted 6 year-old found IN CHAINS, what the kidnapper did was SICK [VIDEO]

An Amber Alert sounded off through cell phones, played on radio laced through satellite static and flashed on the screens of the television.

That’s the first part of the nightmare. It gets worse. You look down and find out it’s your child. That’s what happened to the parents of a 6 year-old girl from Wilmington.

The nightmare continues as you race back and forth, make every call you can, send every text you can manage and your heart races like crazy.

And like many night time disasters of the mind, this nightmare turned into a dream come true. Authorities located the girl TIED TO A TREE WITH CHAINS. The details at this point are left out and the victim’s name is not revealed.

No one but the 6 year-old victim and the suspect knows what happened. This suspect is the sickly Douglas Edwards, a 46 year-old registered sex offender and he was caught.


Registered sex offender Douglas Edwards, 46, of Wilmington is in custody in connection with the girl’s disappearance.

Edwards is charged with first-degree kidnapping and indecent liberties with a child. He made his first court appearance Friday.

The judge said the kidnapping charge could carry a maximum sentence of 231 months, while the indecent liberties charge could carry a sentence of 59 months in prison.

The judge upheld a bond of $9 million at the request of District Attorney Ben David.

Edwards next court date is set for Oct. 6.

You know what they do to these kind of people in prison, right? Just about everything that a sex offender would do to their victim, the men in jail do this to child molesters. He’s going to be very sore after his first week in prison if you catch what I’m saying.

He might have to lie and say he’s in jail for armed robbery or something that doesn’t label him as the sick person he is.

People in prison don’t play around. They WILL cut and shank this man in the business section of the shower.

He may not last long in jail.

Frank Lea

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