Agent claims OJ Simpson confessed to fatal STABBING of Nicole Brown

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | June 19, 2016 11:34 am

Wonder why this took so long to come out?[1] OJ Simpson’s former agent is spilling the beans on him… claiming that he believes that OJ meant to kill Nicole all along in cold blood. Mike Gilbert claims that Simpson told him he had not planned to kill his wife when he went to her home on June 12th, 1994. As I said, Gilbert doesn’t believe him. He says he believes that OJ went psycho out of a jealous rage over Nicole seeing Marcus Allen. That makes absolute sense, since people close to Simpson claim he’s the most jealous man they ever knew. Nicole wrote in one of her diary entries that she felt ‘beautiful and sexy and smart’ with Marcus, as opposed to feeling ‘jabs’ in Simpson’s presence. That was an unfortunate choice of words as history bears out. Simpson was acquitted, but later wound up in prison over other charges. He is and always has been a murderous beast who got away with killing two innocent people because of his race and because he was a world class athlete.


From The Daily Mail:

OJ Simpson admitted to killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown months after being acquitted of her murder claims the football star’s former agent.

In the final installment of the ESPN documentary OJ: Made In America, Mike Gilbert claimed that Simpson told him he had not planned to kill his wife when he went to her home on June 12, 1994, and that she might still be alive if she had not answered the door with a knife in her hand.

Gilbert later said he did not even believe this, and is convinced Simpson went to Nicole’s home with the intention of murdering her over the fact that she had left him and was seeing his friend and protege Marcus Allen.

Gilbert said that Simpson admitted to killing Nicole months after he was acquitted. OJ claimed that if Nicole had not answered the door with a knife in her hand, she would still be alive. Spoken like a true murderous, pathological liar. The man had his children removed from their grandparent’s home on Christmas Eve out of spite and then poisoned them against them. Gilbert said he and Simpson were drinking Rolling Rock beers and the football star was smoking pot the night they talked about Nicole’s murder while hanging out at his Rockingham home. ‘He was looking around the backyard, reliving all the different events that happened there. And I just asked him: “What happened June 12th [the day Nicole was murdered]?’ said Gilbert. ‘And he asked me what I thought happened. And I said: “I always thought you probably did it.” I said: “I know what you told AC [Al Cowlings], that you went there, but you just went to see what was going on, you didn’t take a knife.”‘ That’s when Simpson confessed. The OJ Simpson case has gone down in history as one of the greatest travesties of justice of all time. It is a huge indicator of the cultural rot in America.


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