ALERT: Security Scare at Trump Tower [VIDEO]

by Just An American | December 13, 2016 3:05 pm

This is so random, that I’m not sure I have really processed it yet. A 19 year-old (wow) who his currently studying finance at Baruch College, has been arrested at Trump Tower.


He was arrested after cops found he was carrying weapons, a firework and even restraining tools. His name is Alexander Wang and he was stopped Monday in the early evening carrying a hunting knife, a wire that is used for strangling, EIGHT feet of black rope, handcuffs and a M-100 firework with a water pistol.

For a college student studying finance, it seems strange that he would think walking into Trump Tower with those items on him would be okay. Especially when walking into ANY place with those items on him is for the most part… NOT okay.

However, he claims…he has done this at least 10 times at Trump Tower and that the last 2 times were after the election.

As for his motive for carrying these items, the boy says he is just a survivalist.

Wang who claims he is in fact a Trump fan, had tried to enter Trump Tower with his backpack full of these items when the metal detector at the entrance caught him.

He told police that he was only trying to get into the building because he likes to study there and it is only because he is a survivalist that he carries the items with him all the time.


What is he trying to survive? A zombie apocalypse!?[2]

As for the firework, he claimed that he enjoyed setting fireworks off down by the city’s East River and told police that he did not have any more of the explosives at home. That of course did not stop them from raiding his dorm room… where they did in fact find more fireworks inside an ammo box.

So the boy was arrested on two counts of weapons possession. 19 years-old and studying finance, and now he has a record.

There was zero evidence that he had foul play in mind or that he was linked to any militias or terrorist groups.

This is just… wrong in so many ways.

I realize he’s no longer a kid, but also not yet a man…but, where the hell are his parents?!

It’s just so random right!?

Well, let’s add to that randomness… here’s a video of Trump and Kanye.

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