ALERT: Violent Gitmo Prisoner Obama Released Is MISSING! Search Begins

ALERT: Violent Gitmo Prisoner Obama Released Is MISSING! Search Begins

As his last few years in office begin winding down, President Obama has been speeding to release as many dangerous terrorists from the Guantanamo Bay detention facility as he can before he has to exit the White House. Now we’ve discovered that one of those terrorists is missing.

Conservatives have been warning of Obama’s efforts to return terrorists to the battlefields of the Middle East since day one, but neither the left nor the media have paid any attention.

Now the Washington Post is reporting that one of Obama’s terror pals has disappeared after being released.

A former Guantanamo Bay prisoner transferred to Uruguay in 2014 has vanished and is believed to have left the country under uncertain circumstances, U.S. officials said.

Law enforcement is now searching for the former detainee, Syrian national Jihad Ahmed Mustafa Dhiab, in Brazil, a U.S. official said.

“We are coordinating with officials in Brazil and Uruguay to determine his whereabouts,” the official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive incident.

While the Obama administration declined to comment publicly about the case, officials believe that Dhiab may have crossed into Brazil without documents that would allow him to enter that country legally.

According to Uruguayan media, the country’s interior minister said on Thursday that while Dhiab would generally be free to make international trips, Brazilian officials had not allowed him to enter that country previously. The minister said Dhiab had left Uruguay but gave few other details.

If confirmed, the incident would intensify friction between the White House and Congress over resettlement of detainees remaining at the prison, a necessary step toward President Obama’s goal of shuttering the facility.

By some accounting, well over 100 Gitmo detainees released by Obama have gone right back to fighting for the various Muslim terror armies from which they came.

Warner Todd Huston

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