Anti-Trump activist executed his prominent Republican neighbor with two bullets to the head

Anti-Trump activist executed his prominent Republican neighbor with two bullets to the head

The liberal media would have you believe that Charlottesville is indicative of all of the hatred they’ve tried to project on conservatives for the past 9 years, but they’ve managed to miss an extremely important story. Perhaps it’s because it isn’t politically convenient, perhaps it’s because it’s not a big enough tragedy to tic their radar.

On August 8th, a 51 year-old man who abhorred Trump so much that his lawn was littered with anti-Trump signs, executed a GOP-supporting committeeman. He shot him twice in the head over an argument.

I guess that the victim didn’t matter enough to become a face on the news because he was GOP and his murderer was anti-Trump.

The night before the murder, Clayton Carter and Richard Jennings got into a fight and Carter pulled a gun on Jennings. Police were called and eventually managed to defuse the situation. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the gun was pulled again. This time, it left Jennings dead.

Carter alleges that Jennings had shined a light into his house, so he decided to retaliate by pulling his car onto his lawn and flashing his headlights into Jennings’ house. The GOP committeeman came out of his house to confront Carter, who came out of his house with his .380 handgun, shooting Jennings in the head. After he collapsed, Carter shot him in the head again.

The shooter claims it was in self-defense, as Jennings was wielding a knife. A knife was recovered, but it is unclear where it was.

Neighbors claim that they feared Carter, as he was virulently anti-Trump – to the point of placing hand-painted signs disparaging the President on his lawn – and had an unpredictable nature.

If Charlottesville is indicative of all conservatives, is this indicative of all people who hate Trump? This is a slippery slope that I don’t think they want to go introduce into the American political sphere.

H/T: Daily Mail

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