Anti-Trump Protest Leaders Have Announced Their Mission – Make The Country Ungovernable [VIDEO]

Anti-Trump Protest Leaders Have Announced Their Mission – Make The Country Ungovernable [VIDEO]

You’ve seen the protests on Inauguration Day and what protesters did at UC Berkeley. Now, we are seeing it in other places. Outside Mitch McConnell’s home protesters gathered and threatened him. Betsy DeVos was physically blocked from a school in DC yesterday and had her car blocked as well. Welcome to the American Spring. These radicals are going to keep this up the entire time Trump is in office unless they are physically quelled at some point. They have said as much over and over. The leaders of the anti-Trump movement, including Resist, Antifa and DisruptJ20 have all said they are going to take this movement into the streets of America and keep the chaos and violence going. I would take them at their word.

This isn’t grassroots – it is choreographed and staged. Everything from the chants, to the protesters showing up in various locations, to the weapons they use. They want to make America “ungovernable” for the President of the United States. These groups are comprised of anarchists, radicals, communists, progressives and all-around useful idiots. The Democrats are actively encouraging them to stay in the streets and riot. Tim Kaine did so last week and so did Nancy Pelosi. These rioters say they will do whatever it takes to keep Trump from implementing his agenda and many of them have shown a willingness to destroy public property, assault law enforcement officers and inflict violence upon the public in general.


From Western Journalism:

Leaders of the anti-Trump “resistance” movement let slip their true motivations, declaring they “need to make this country ungovernable.”

Leftist activist group Occupy Oakland posted a manifesto on Twitter last week, writing, “We will control the streets. We will liberate the land. We will fight fascists. We will dismantle the state. This is war.”

The self-proclaimed “anti-fascist” protesters made it clear they aim to delegitimize democracy and President Trump through “direct action” on the streets.

DistruptJ20, the collective of groups that protested the president’s inauguration in Washington D.C., wrote in their call to action that “Trump’s success confirms the bankruptcy of representative democracy.”

The protesters advocate against democracy, writing “rather than using the democratic process as an alibi for inaction, we must show that no election could legitimize [Trump’s] agenda.”

DistruptJ20 did not mince words, as rioters broke windows, beat innocent citizens, and even torched a limo that belonged to a Muslim immigrant during their inauguration “protests.”

We’ve already had a preview of what is to come from those that rioted on Inauguration Day and in Berkeley. Clad in black and wearing face masks, they show up in large numbers. They have back packs, shields and weapons. They are assisted by others that help them put milk in their eyes to dispel the effects of pepper spray and tear gas. They cut through the crowds like a wedge and then begin destroying things and wreaking havoc all around them. They throw rocks and bricks. They use bats and crowbars. I saw them beat a guy unconscious with poles in the middle of the street. They set things on fire, rush barricades and destroy and loot businesses. They are roving gangs of destructive thugs, who have a thing for taking on the police.

But here’s the ironic part… they claim to be fighting fascists, but they themselves are the fascists. Their actions mirror the tactics of the Nazi Brownshirts during the rise of Hitler. Their mission was to take over the streets, just like Antifa is today. Official Nazi Brownshirt pamphlets stated that “possession of the streets is the key to power in the state — for this reason the [Brownshirts] marched and fought.” This is exactly what the rioters today are doing. And who is behind them? Communists who want to see it all burn down, so they can take control. Who says Pinkie and the Brain don’t exist?


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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