Anti-Trump Supporter Pulls Out Knife Mid-Way Through Interview With Journalist – ‘F*CK TRUMP, F*CK YOUR LAWS!” [VIDEO]

Anti-Trump Supporter Pulls Out Knife Mid-Way Through Interview With Journalist – ‘F*CK TRUMP, F*CK YOUR LAWS!” [VIDEO]

So glad that ‘stupid’ hasn’t taken over this country under Obama’s reign. Oh…wait.

Just as protesters do, they came out on an overpass built over the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles to protest against the deportation of illegal aliens in California.

As you can imagine, many of those protesters that came out were actual illegals themselves…so when citizen journalist Austen Fletcher went out to do some interviewing, many of them didn’t want to show their faces. However, they had no shame in showing their hate for America…and pride for Mexico.

Weird right? If they are so proud of their country Mexiso and hate America so much… exactly why are they here? It gets very confusing.

Watch for yourself, maybe you can make a little sense out of this…

Oh..and watch through to the end…when the knife comes out. Not the brightest guy.

WARNING: Video contains graphic language.

I know. I know…. the ‘stupid’ is almost intolerable….but you had to watch it. Just in case you missed some of it in translation…here are some of the highlights!

John the protester with the Anonymous mask is disturbed with President Donald Trump’s ‘feminihst’ regime. Oh, and of course, Mike Pence.

Samantha the Socialist thinks there shouldn’t be any borders. Fletcher asks her if that contradicts her beliefs as a socialist because “bringing in unskilled labor would be detrimental.” Samantha suddenly realizes the problem, “Oh, maybe.”

Revolution says, “F**k Trump!” He then mentions he’s carrying his ‘shiv'[knife]. He rants against Trump saying, “You’re a coward, a racist, a bigotrist (?).” He says, “at the end of the day, you have to meet your maker.”

Revolution says he didn’t vote for anyone because, “F**k everyone.”

He then pulls out the knife he has concealed in his waistband, and starts gesturing with it. He goes into an incoherent rant, about “street code” and Trump.

The knife and waving it around likely violates the knife laws applicable in Los Angeles, California.

Incoherent, dangerous and stupid…. DO NOT GO WELL TOGETHER.

Boy, am I ever glad I’m on the side with the brains.

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