Baltimore serial killer who cut up his victims and SOLD them as BBQ is found dead in his jail cell aged 62

by McIntosh | August 9, 2017 2:28 am

Joseph Roy Metheny, the name that should send disgusting chills down your spine, is the admitted serial killer who chopped up his victims and allegedly sold them as BBQ meat from a roadside stand in Baltimore in the 1990s. He’s also the piece of trash[1] that just died at 62, while serving out his sentence in prison.

Metheny was discovered dead at around 3 pm on Saturday at the Western Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Maryland, according to the records of prison officials. The cause of death is still under investigation.

The pathological obese killer had asked for the death sentence and had received it in 1998, but it was later overturned on appeal and he was given two life sentences without parole instead.


Not only did he confess to two especially gruesome murders, 23 year-old Kathy Spicer and 39 year-old Cathy Ann Magaziner, but Metheny also admitted to a nauseating string of other murders that he had never been convicted of, or even tried for.

From the Daily Mail:

He was charged in the ax murder of two homeless men under a bridge, but the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. In July of 1994, he met Magaziner at a bar and lured her back to his home, a small trailer on an isolated pallet company storage lot in Baltimore.

Metheny worked at the pallet company on a dead end road and had the keys to the gates. He later told police that he had sex with her, and then strangled her with an extension cord and buried her in a shallow grave on the lot. Her beheaded remains were found several years later on the property.

When questioned by investigators on why he did it, Metheny responded:

‘Sense of power. I don’t know. Vulnerable. I dreaded, just – I got a very – got a rush out of it, got a high out of it. Call it what you want. I had no real excuse why other than I like to do it. (Pause). I don’t know how to describe it.’

Whether it was just for effect, or he was confessing the truth, Metheny said in a jailhouse confession that he butchered the bodies of Magaziner and Spicer and sold the meat in a roadside stand, in which he called it his ‘special meat’.

This was never proven in court and so it may seem we will never know the truth. Regardless, a monster is dead, and the world is better for it.

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